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Stillwater Conservation District

We're committed to natural resource conservation in Stillwater County, Montana

Stillwater County requiring 310 permit is as follows:  

                               White Beaver Creek                       Shane Creek                                Spring Creek

                               Berry Creek                                    Mexican Joe Creek                       Trout Creek

                               Countryman Creek                         Buck Creek                                   Bad Canyon

                               Huntley Creek                                Beaver Creek                                Little Rocky Creek

                               Keyser Creek                                 Jackstone Creek                           Prairie Creek

                               Stillwater River                               Rosebud Creek                             West Stillwater River

                               Tutt Creek                                      Grove Creek                                 Crazyman Creek

                               Valley Creek                                   Cow Creek                                   Castle Creek

                               Limestone Creek                            Lodgepole  Creek                         Meyers Creek

                               Horseman Creek                            East Rosebud Creek                    West Rosebud Creek

                               Antelope Creek                              Butcher Creek                              Fishtail Creek

                               Ingersall Creek                              Hensley Creek                              Fiddler Creek                                             Yellowstone River


Stillwater County-  The Stillwater Conservation District (SCD) is encouraging residents and contractors, who live on or near a river or stream to familiarize themselves with the stream-permitting process, including the types of permits they may need before starting a stream project. www.dnrc.mt.gov/divisions/cardd/conservation-districts

The 310 Joint Application can take up to 60 days to complete; landowners planning a project should contact the Stillwater Conservation District well in advance of the planned starting date to get the permitting process started. The applicant is responsible for obtaining al necessary permits and landowner’s permission before beginning work. Contractors doing the work in or adjacent to a river or stream, should have a copy of the 310 permit in hand.

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